2005 Human Histologic And Electromicroscopic Analysis

1996 Integration Of Endochondral Bone Grafts In the Presence

1996 Ultrastructral Identification Of Cells Involved In The Healing

1996 Bacterial Morphotypes Of 3-days Old Plaque In Chinese

1995 Micromorphologic Relationship Of The Resin-dentin Interface

1994 Ink Injection II. Palate And Lip

1993 The Effects Of Etching

1992 Mechanisms Of Failure Of Polymeric Resins Reinforced

1992 Scanning Electron Microscopy Of Odontogenic Cyst Epithelium

1992 Ink Injection I. Tongue Papillae

1991 Preliminary Report On A New Method Of Human Age Estimation

1991 Scanning Electron Microscopy Of High-Modulus Polyethylene Fibers

1991 Immunohistochemical And Ultrastructural Studies

1988 Laser Effects On Bladder, Trachea and tongue

1988 Anastomosis By Low He-Ne Laser

1987 Black Stain On Human Permanent Teeth

1987 New Artefacts For Old

1984 An Electron Microscopic Histochemistry Of the Retinal Response After Injury